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Parents Testimonials:


Katie and Bam are two very special individuals. Not only are Katie and Bam probably one of the best women's and men's field hockey players in the world respectively, they are definitely "world class" individuals as mentors, teachers and friends to our daughter. When you train under this duo, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality instructional skills, technique and positioning. Katie and Bam are hands on teachers. They each participate in every drill during the individual session, therefore my daughter is able to see what a particular skill or drill should look like, in addition to having tough competition while she performs the drill for the duration of the session. It is truly a winning combination!!

Katie and Bam are unique in that they take into consideration the player as a whole person. Although they focus on field hockey with the player, they also focus on the player as a person. Katie and Bam make it their mission to get to know what makes this player "tick". They continuously strive to engage the player and the players personality, factoring that into their training. Katie and Bam have made a wonderful impact on our daughter both on the field and off the field. Truly been a blessing!!

-Diane and John



My daughter has been taking lessons with Katie and Bam once a week for approximately 5 months. When I decided to have my daughter take lessons with Katie and Bam, I fully expected that my daughter would be learning top-notch, elite field hockey skills. I did not anticipate, however, the level of caring and personal development that would come with the lessons.

Katie and Bam come to every lesson with a very specific plan for my daughter. The lessons are geared toward helping my daughter improve specific skills, as well as her overall game sense. My daughter is working hard during the lessons but having a lot of fun at the same time. She looks forward to every lesson.

Katie and Bam‘s interest in my daughter’s development has gone far beyond the weekly lessons. Katie and Bam have come to my daughter’s games and observed her play so that they can better understand her field sense and plan the lessons to work on her shortcomings. My daughter’s physical, tactical and mental skills have increased dramatically since she first started working with Katie and Bam. I have no doubt her skills will continue to accelerate with continued lessons.


Player Testimonials:


The love of the game can be taken to a whole new level when learning with Bam and Katie. Not only can you learn the skills of field hockey but also the skills to many life lessons. When asked by Katie and Bam what made my game change since working with them? The first response that came to mind was that they have both taught me many field hockey skills, but that they also taught me that mental determination is as important as my actual field hockey skills. The other simple lesson that I have learned through Katie and Bam is not to be worried about making a mistake. Because every mistake made is another lesson to be learned, and as long as I recognize the mistake, holding back is worse then doing something wrong. Thank you Katie and Bam for totally changing my way of thinking, and teaching me the importance to believe in myself both on and off the field. Through Katie and Bam's leadership, I have learned to push myself to a whole new level that I did not know was possible to reach.

Not only have I been able to retain and implement much information from Katie and Bam I have also been able to apply these skills hands on with each of them during our individual sessions. With their persistence to never back down while they are working out with me, I have learned to push harder and even when I feel I cannot push anymore, they have taught me to use my brain and think simple skills.With the help of both Katie and Bam I have learned that anything is possible and mistakes are acceptable because if you never try something new you will always be the same. Never be afraid to make a mistake, just play the game!!



I have been lucky enough to be working with Katie and Bam for about 5 months now, and it has been such an amazing experience. Not only have I learned new skills and brought those skills to a higher tempo, but I have also learned how to train while being tired and under pressure. Most importantly, I have had the support and encouragement of two great people. Katie and Bam genuinely care about me and my progress as an athlete, both mentally and physically. I have seen such a huge improvement since starting lessons with them, and I look forward to every lesson to come.


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