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My dream job has always been to be a teacher; I started off at the University of Maryland in 2007 as an Elementary Education Major.  My dream hasn’t changed, but the pupils have.  I may not teach the sticky first graders in the classroom, now I teach all ages on the hockey pitch.


In other countries, kids pick up their first stick at the age of three or four!  The US has a lot of catching up to do compared to the rest of the world.  That’s where I want to make a difference.  If I can impact as many passionate hockey players as I can, the US will ultimately benefit in the long run.


K16 clinics are generally offered through club and school teams.  If you have a specific question about my clinics please send me an e-mail.  I want to cater to any and all needs.

Our Services include:

Team sessions, Individual sessions, Clinics for all abilities, Specialist skill training(inserting, stick stop, dragflicking), Guest speaker..



“We are proud to have had Katie O’Donnell lead Field Hockey clinics for us, which in-turn were a huge success. Her passion for the sport, along with her ability to inspire young field hockey players went a long way to creating enthusiasm for our new field hockey programs at our facility. Having reached some of the highest goals in her sport, she is great at inspiring others to reach for their goals.”
Dave Evans, Sports Director Upper Bucks YMCA
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