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Here you can find all things related to my life as a US field hockey player, the all new K16 field hockey camps and clinics and more...

STX film on life as A national team athlete!  Hope you have as much watching and I did filming it

Better part of my life spent here

Go Terps!

College Highlights

Favorite Books/ Authors


-The Notebook is an ALL time favorite!
- Heaven is for real
- Hunger Games
- Twilight
- All Nicholas Sparks books
- Jodi Picult


I am always looking for suggestions if you have any please share!

If fitting in means giving up your values, have pride in being odd man out.” - unknown


The infamous tap dancing video...

Love the question... why field hockey?  Sums me up in a nut shell, ALL about family!  Love you all & sorry to put your age out there girls! :)

coaching 101 on shot variations

Can't forget to have a little fun every once and a while...

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